Communications breakdown

BitDepth#990 for May 26, 2015 It was around five years ago that I realised that the way I communicate had completely changed. Never one for long conversations on the phone and always forgetting to silence my ringer on the mobile, I simply put the phone on silent one day and never turned it back on. […]

Social media: playing dumb, is it smart?

Blogger and and digital marketing maven Nicole Phillip Greene takes note of a risky new trend in the field. A hot-off-the-press Mashable article identifies a new “trend” in social media marketing – playing dumb. They focus on yesterday’s Hostess ad commemorating the start of Baseball season, and throw in some recent moves by other brands. […]

Twitter to TT: No

According to Twitter’s mid-year Transparency Report, the company received one request for information about an account holder, the first since the company began recording such requests in 2012. The company did not disclose any information, and describes all of the requests that it has received as “emergency disclosure requests,” which are normally placed by law […]