TSTT, Naparima College announce new Smartschool

Above: Mr. Devanand Gosine, Acting Vice Principal of Naparima College, image courtesy TSTT. “Students in a small economy like Trinidad and Tobago may not be exposed to many of the experiences that students in first world countries have, but through a partnership with TSTT and the benefits of the advancements in technology this brings, our students […]

Third research preview at TTNIC

TTLAB is a research group whose objective is to pursue research beneficial to society but also of publication level quality. It consists mainly of Postgraduate Students and Researchers in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics who are all dedicated to the pursuit of research in their respective field. In this, our third semi-annual preview, we present […]

Going global with T&T services

Above: At the Global Services Promotion launch, Internet strategist Bevil Wooding, Barbados project awardee Peter Edey, Dr Terrence Farrell and Carolina Gonzales-Velosa, Labour Market and Social Security Specialist, IADB respond to audience questions. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.  BitDepth#1077 for January 24, 2017 There were a lot of words spoken at the “initiation” of the Global […]

When bloggers meet

Above: Tanya Marie Rhule, Risanne Martin, Afiya Francis, moderator Ardene Sirjoo and Ajala Pilgrim discuss digital work and personal branding at the T&T leg of the Caribbean Bloggers Meetup. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. Click on any image to enlarge. BitDepth#1072 for December 20, 2016 On December 11, a group of bloggers met at Drink Wine […]

The technology agenda, deferred

Above: The State Enterprises Investment Programme document for 2017 is the “blueprint” that public sector spending and prioritisation will follow. Technology initiatives are almost invisible in its pages. BitDepth#1061 for October 04, 2016 In his second budget presentation, Minister of Finance Colm Imbert played again to the cheap seats, offering minimal fiscal dings and tentative benevolence […]

The Press Release Primer

Above: You may entertain a fantasy that this is what happens to press releases, but the filing systems tend to be circular. Photo by Illia Uriadnikov, DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1055 for August 23, 2016 It seems absurd that it’s necessary to have a conversation about press releases in 2016, but we do live in an environment of […]

Ericsson on “The Transformative CIO”

Ericsson interprets the results of an IDC market intelligence report on the attributes required of today’s Chief Information Officers. The majority of general conclusions from the study we commissioned relate to two interrelated issues that are changing the face of the telecom industry: customer expectations and the speed of technology evolution. Expectations and technology feed […]

Taking a chance on tech

Above: Vasha Mano, Idris and Meera Raja (centre, in yellow) confer on the floor of the first Tech Expo on Sunday. All photography by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1054 for August 16, 2016 Idris and Meera Raja were sweating and walking briskly back and forth on a quiet Sunday morning as tables are being covered with crisp cloth, […]

Teleios wins MS Partner of the Year for App Development

Above: Kevin Khelawan (left) displays the award for Application Development in Latin America and the Caribbean with Ruselle Seeboo (Product Manager- Teleios QuikWorx) at the WPC in Toronto, in July. Photo courtesy Teleios. Kevin Khelawan, Chief Operating Officer for Teleios Systems, has announced that the company has won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Application Development […]

Myrix Events introduces Tech Expo

Myrix Events, in partnership with SLAM 100.5FM will host a series of Tech Expos beginning on August 14. The events will be held on consecutive Sundays from around the country in Woodbrook, San Fernando, Chaguanas and Tacarigua. The Tech Expo will feature PC systems, laptops, hardware, software, cell phones, tablets, car tech, music, gaming consoles, toys, electronics, peripherals, Anime, comics […]

Microsoft’s assists NGOs with tech

Above: NGO representatives listen to Microsoft’s Andrew Persad (centre, standing) as he guides them through the use of Office 365 during Technology for Good day at the Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1044 for June 07, 2016 Above: NGO representatives listen to Microsoft’s Andrew Persad (centre, standing) as he guides them through the use […]

Flow to replace AVS with Horizon

Flow is rebranding its cutting-edge Advanced Video Services (AVS) to Horizon from Flow.  The rebrand will bring a refreshing upgrade to an already innovative TV product.  The Company will roll out Horizon from Flow today in Jamaica and across its other Caribbean markets in the coming months. The new brand was unveiled just days after it […]