Huawei introduces P9 influencers

Reading Time: 1 minuteAbove:Sian McIntosh, Jeremy Tai Chew and Tameika Fletcher with their devices at Huawei’s Port-of-Spain offices. Photo courtesy Huawei. They are at at all the popular events, or […]

The P9’s plenoptic potential

Reading Time: 5 minutesAbove: Macqueripe beach, Huawei P9 grayscale sensor. Photography by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1069 for November 29, 2016 In April, I began testing Huawei’s P9, a revolutionary revision of […]

S7 v P9: The Smartphone Photo Showdown

Reading Time: 4 minutesAbove: Nobody pays attention to the back of a smartphone, but it’s here the next revolution in photography using these devices will come. Photos of the […]

Huawei’s P9: First look

Reading Time: 5 minutes Above: The P9 captures a 12MP DNG RAW file that’s 22MB on the phone. This 100 per cent crop from an RAW capture of a statue […]

Huawei P9 sample images

Reading Time: 1 minuteAll images in this gallery shot with the Huawei P9, toned and cropped using Adobe’s PS Touch for Android except for Fortnum_04, which was shot in […]