Going global with T&T services

Above: At the Global Services Promotion launch, Internet strategist Bevil Wooding, Barbados project awardee Peter Edey, Dr Terrence Farrell and Carolina Gonzales-Velosa, Labour Market and Social Security Specialist, IADB respond to audience questions. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.  BitDepth#1077 for January 24, 2017 There were a lot of words spoken at the “initiation” of the Global […]

At Microsoft M4: A Public Sector digital hero

Above: The Public Sector panel on Digital Government at Microsoft’s M4, from left, Josemaria Valdepenas, Microsoft Digital Transformation Architect, Minister of Information Milford Nicholas and Marlon Fetzner. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1068 for November 22, 2016 Microsoft’s M4 is an inspiring sales pitch, one that’s focused on reorienting the thinking of its private and public […]

The challenges of the Data Protection Bill

Above: Ria Mohammed-Davidson of the Faculty of Law at UWI St Augustine speaks at the Media Association talk at the Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communications. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1064 for October 25, 2016 During Saturday’s Media Association talk, I posted a particularly provocative statement by Ria Mohammed-Davidson about the thorny issues that […]

Carnival: the state of disunion

Above: Revellers in Tribe’s Wings of Desire at the Socadrome in 2015. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1026 for February 02, 2016 Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival looks set for interesting times. No less a person than Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has explained that for his government managing an economic downturn, “other priorities will fall in place […]

The price of intolerance

Above: Friends on a beach. Don’t mind me, I’m just here, sipping tea. Illustration by Jitka Vesela/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1011 for October 20, 2015 It must have happened 43 years ago, on a chilly morning deep in the Maraval Valley. The sun was still to cut the morning mist on the sporting fields and everything was cool and […]

Get started on tech

Above: The cover of the Public Sector Investment Programme document that will, among other things, drive technology initiatives for 2016. BitDepth#1010 for October 13, 2015 Like most of Trinidad and Tobago, I reviewed the budget statement of the Minister of Finance, Colm Imbert with great interest. Everyone expects every budget to address all the critical […]

The e-Legislative Agenda for T&T

The e-Legislative Agenda – Trinidad and Tobago By: Atiba Phillips – Principal Consultant, INFOCOMM Technologies (ICT) Ltd (www.ict.co.tt). Reproduced here by kind permission of the author. The Minister of Finance Larry Howai, on the July, 10, 2012 at the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, stated that the four areas Trinidad and Tobago needed […]

T&T e-Gov rating drops 24 places

The rating for Trinidad and Tobago’s e-governance has dropped by 24 places in the current report of the United Nations Public Administration Network, falling from 67 to 91. From the document’s introduction… Through innovation and e-government, public administrations around the world can be more efficient, provide better services and respond to demands for transparency and […]