Angelo’s absence

Above: Angelo Bissessarsingh flips through his newly published book in January, 2016. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1079 for February 07, 2017 Angelo Bissessarsingh is gone. For much of last week that long expected news, sharpened to a keen edge by a life’s clock that ticked down relentlessly, rocketed through Facebook, the online platform that gave […]

Death of a Facebook friend

Above: The Facebook profile default, adapted for the current situation. BitDepth#1046 for June 21, 2016 Last week, a friend of mine was killed. He died of multiple gunshot wounds. In the curious world that is modern digital interaction, this was a person I shared messages with, responding to Facebook chat requests roughly once every four […]

FB Free Basics comes to El Salvador for Digicel users

 Digicel El Salvador and Facebook  have announced the launch of “Free Basics”. Free Basics is a platform developed by Facebook to give people free access to information and knowledge through more than 40 sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Messenger,, and BabyCentre & Mama, amongst other websites. Announced during a forum hosted jointly by Digicel […]

The price of intolerance

Above: Friends on a beach. Don’t mind me, I’m just here, sipping tea. Illustration by Jitka Vesela/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1011 for October 20, 2015 It must have happened 43 years ago, on a chilly morning deep in the Maraval Valley. The sun was still to cut the morning mist on the sporting fields and everything was cool and […]

Communications breakdown

BitDepth#990 for May 26, 2015 It was around five years ago that I realised that the way I communicate had completely changed. Never one for long conversations on the phone and always forgetting to silence my ringer on the mobile, I simply put the phone on silent one day and never turned it back on. […]

Losing the middle

BitDepth #981 for March 24, 2015 In just one week, T&T has experienced two shocks to the electoral system that do not bode well for the next six month’s worth of electioneering. Between the nword matter and cyatgate, politics gets a rare play in this space, earned through an apparently profound misunderstanding of how the Internet […]

Facebook users should know better

BitDepth#945 for July 15 After all these years of casual mistreatment by the business, one might have expected Facebook users to be a bit more level headed in their expectations from the service. Even if all the fuss about posts being wilfully stifled on Facebook’s newsfeeds in order to encourage more paid advertising didn’t seem […]

Licks, spreading like fire

BitDepth#934 for April 29 By now, there’s unlikely to be a single person in T&T who’s on Facebook who hasn’t had that video of a 12-year-old child pop up in their newsfeed. That’s just the way that Facebook’s viral algorithms work. It also means that nearly everyone in this country who’s on the social media […]