Huawei claims Android smartphone profitability top spot

Above: Media professionals test the Huawei P9 at its release in London in April. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. The following was supplied by HuaweiTT as a press release. It was originally an opinion analysis story in the South China Morning Post by Bien Perez. Huawei Technologies, China’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, has displaced Samsung Electronics to […]

How deep will the Surface go?

Above: Microsoft’s new Surface Studio folds almost flat on a desk with the touch of a hand. Photo courtesy Microsoft. BitDepth#1065 for November 01, 2016 Microsoft deserved better last week. The company launched two bold, newsworthy products in the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Studio and got swamped by, of all things, an OLED […]

Invisible MacOS updates

Above: In Apple’s halcyon world of Siri searches (left) you are a demon of productivity. In my Siri searches (right), I’m apparently looking at photos all day long. BitDepth#1062 for October 11, 2016 Caption: In Apple’s halcyon world of Siri searches (left) you are a demon of productivity. In my Siri searches (right), I’m apparently […]

Fixing MacOSX

Above: TechTool Pro has always tried to make the work of fixing a sick Mac look interesting. Photo courtesy Micromat. BitDepth#1019 for December 15, 2015 All my Windows and Linux readers are going to feel a little left out here, but you might want to hold on to this column should a Mac-toting friend or […]

Approaching El Capitan

Above: Apple’s new splitscreen view in El Capitan is billed as a productivity booster. Photo courtesy Apple. BitDepth#1013 for November 03, 2015 Longtime readers of this column will be aware that I’m an Apple guy when it comes to computers, though not necessarily so when it comes to computing. I’ve run Windows in emulation since […]

Battle of the phablets

BitDepth#955 for September 23 For the last six years or so, I’ve been an Android guy as far as smartphones go. I’ve used Samsung’s devices specifically, from their shaky start as an iPhone challenger with the S1 through to the capable and competitive S4. There’s a lot to like in Android. If you use Google, […]

Apple’s MacOS: Inching toward perfection

BitDepth#940 for June 10 Technology keynotes are a special breed of business presentations and keynotes targeting developers are a very special subset of these theatrical sales pitches. On the one hand, presenters are tasked with getting developers excited about things that interest almost nobody, like better access to operating system code and interfaces. On the […]

UTT partners with Apple

From the press release… UTT’s students enrolled in the Certificate in Music Technology programme and Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Performing Arts programmes at the UTT John S. Donaldson Port-of-Spain Creativity Campus and the UTT Campus at NAPA respectively, will be among the first to take advantage of this unique opportunity. In the first […]