T3CHTT installs Windows 10

Reading Time: 1 minuteLocal technology blogger Hassan Voyeau of T3CHTT has joined the frontline of testers for Windows 10. From his post… “Firstly the 3.8 GB .iso file took […]

Young Innovators challenge

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe Young Innovators Competition is looking for talented young social entrepreneurs using technology creatively to meet a range of  real-life developmental challenges. If you are aged […]

Tamana Intech Park Developments

Reading Time: 1 minuteThis video marks the formal opening of the Tamana InTech Park project, while the video at the link below promotes the capabilities of Tamana InTech Park… […]

Why Apple registers TM in T&T first

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe Wall Street Journal’s law blog has a story about why Trinidad and Tobago has been Apple’s preferred point of first registration for its new trademarks.

IP allocations and status, T&T

Reading Time: 1 minuteIf you’ve ever been curious about the IPv4 status of local ISPs and services, this link will give you a heads up. This link reports the […]

Twitter to TT: No

Reading Time: 1 minuteAccording to Twitter’s mid-year Transparency Report, the company received one request for information about an account holder, the first since the company began recording such requests […]

TATT, UWI partner against cyberbullying

Reading Time: 1 minuteVia a news Report aired on Sweet 100FM and Talk City 91.1FM Wednesday’s launch of cybersafett.com is the beginning of phase three of the year-long project which began in March […]

TSTT completes refunds

Reading Time: 1 minuteAt 10:25AM today, TSTT issued a press release claiming that it had completed all refunds to customers affected by the loss of money paid to their […]

Service interruption

Reading Time: 1 minuteMy apologies for the disappearance of the website for five hours yesterday. It became necessary to migrate to a new server and the process was a […]

Wooding on Net Neutrality

Reading Time: 1 minuteTechnologist Bevil Wooding writes about the importance of Net Neutrality… In general, it is always troubling when private firms place their profit-driven interests above larger societal […]

DigicelTT restores VOIP services

Reading Time: 1 minuteAt 9:00pm on June 08, Digicel Trinidad and Tobago announced on its Facebook page that it was restoring access to blocked VoIP services. As of this […]