Waiting on the stage, but first…

Above: A masquerader in Tribe takes a moment for a selfie as the band crosses the stage at the Socadrome. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1028 for […]

Carnival: The greatest SME show on Earth

BitDepth#1027 for February 09, 2016 It took an absurdly long time for me to realise it, but by following the script of Carnival coverage I met all […]

Carnival: the state of disunion

Above: Revellers in Tribe’s Wings of Desire at the Socadrome in 2015. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1026 for February 02, 2016 Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival looks set […]

Huawei’s posh up and comer

Above: The decisively upscale Mate S. Photo courtesy Huawei. BitDepth#1024 for January 19, 2016 This is the second of Huawei’s premium smartphones that I’ve been able to […]

The Internet sales pitch

Above: Sarah Carroll, CEO of GrowGlobal. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1023 for January 12, 2016 “I went home on maternity leave and when I came back […]

Five notes later

Above: Samsung’s Note 5 includes a stylus and apps that support its use. Photo courtesy Samsung. BitDepth#1022 for January 05, 2016 Samsung, with the Note 5, has […]

Whose Wars is it now?

Above: Kylo Ren and his spitty lightsabre are key to understanding The Force Awakens. Deeply conflicted and confused, he looks good, but is capable of destroying […]

Mind the screens

Above: Amazon’s Kindle offers a range of low priced books for younger children. BitDepth#1020 for December 22, 2015 There is an understandable tension between the need […]

Fixing MacOSX

Above: TechTool Pro has always tried to make the work of fixing a sick Mac look interesting. Photo courtesy Micromat. BitDepth#1019 for December 15, 2015 All […]

The dilemma of local content

Above: Michelle Nadia Abraham and Pauline Mark on the set of The Apartment. Photo by Kyeon Constantine, PWTM Productions. BitDepth#1018 for December 08, 2015 Trinidad and […]

Taking liberties

Above: John Malone, philanthropist, after donating US$42.5 million to Colorado State University for regenerative science research. Photo by William A. Cotton/CSU. BitDepth#1017 for December 01, 2015 The […]

The Spectre of the real

Above: Daniel Craig in Spectre. BitDepth#1016 for November 24, 2015 No, it’s not Skyfall. Right from the opening chords of Sam Smith’s sombre theme song, it was clear […]

The era of computational photography

Above: The Light L16 camera looks like the mutant love child of an iPhone and a common housefly. Image courtesy Light . BitDepth#1015 for November 17, 2015 Photography […]

OneNote vs Evernote

Above: This column underway in OneNote (right), with the same note open in Evernote for comparison. BitDepth#1014 for November 10, 2015 Microsoft OneNote and Evernote seem […]