At Microsoft M4: A Public Sector digital hero

Above: The Public Sector panel on Digital Government at Microsoft’s M4, from left, Josemaria Valdepenas, Microsoft Digital Transformation Architect, Minister of Information Milford Nicholas and Marlon Fetzner. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1068 for November 22, 2016 Microsoft’s M4 is an inspiring sales pitch, one that’s focused on reorienting the thinking of its private and public […]

The digital media dilemma

Above: Vivian Schiller, a veteran of CNN, Discovery Channel, the New York Times, NPR, NBC and Twitter speaking on the rise of digital media at a business luncheon for media hosted by the Unit Trust last week. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1067 for November 15, 2016 “You have a vibrant media landscape here in Trinidad,” […]

How deep will the Surface go?

Above: Microsoft’s new Surface Studio folds almost flat on a desk with the touch of a hand. Photo courtesy Microsoft. BitDepth#1065 for November 01, 2016 Microsoft deserved better last week. The company launched two bold, newsworthy products in the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Studio and got swamped by, of all things, an OLED […]

The challenges of the Data Protection Bill

Above: Ria Mohammed-Davidson of the Faculty of Law at UWI St Augustine speaks at the Media Association talk at the Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communications. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1064 for October 25, 2016 During Saturday’s Media Association talk, I posted a particularly provocative statement by Ria Mohammed-Davidson about the thorny issues that […]

The Uber challenge

 Above: The ultimate Uber. The ride sharing company is investing heavily in self-driving vehicles. Photo courtesy Uber Newsroom. BitDepth#1063 for October 18, 2016 The private ride company Uber is in T&T, recruiting partners, drivers and insurance companies to create a service of private taxis for the traveling public. This is a challenge on multiple fronts, […]

Invisible MacOS updates

Above: In Apple’s halcyon world of Siri searches (left) you are a demon of productivity. In my Siri searches (right), I’m apparently looking at photos all day long. BitDepth#1062 for October 11, 2016 Caption: In Apple’s halcyon world of Siri searches (left) you are a demon of productivity. In my Siri searches (right), I’m apparently […]

The technology agenda, deferred

Above: The State Enterprises Investment Programme document for 2017 is the “blueprint” that public sector spending and prioritisation will follow. Technology initiatives are almost invisible in its pages. BitDepth#1061 for October 04, 2016 In his second budget presentation, Minister of Finance Colm Imbert played again to the cheap seats, offering minimal fiscal dings and tentative benevolence […]

The sunset of Sunrise

Above: Some sunsets are sadder than others. The sun goes down at Macqueripe Bay. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1057 for September 06, 2016 There’s no hesitation when I reach for my wallet after I find a small software product that does exactly what it promises and does it exceptionally well. The problem is that big […]

Back and forth from the future

Above: Trevor Libert, CEO of the National ICT Company (iGovTT) at TATT’s recent Leadership Roundtable. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1056 for August 30, 2016 Last week, the Telecommunications Authority of T&T (TATT) convened an ambitious forum in support of World Telecommunication and Internet Society Day supporting it’s theme for 2016, ICT entrepreneurship for social impact. […]

The Press Release Primer

Above: You may entertain a fantasy that this is what happens to press releases, but the filing systems tend to be circular. Photo by Illia Uriadnikov, DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1055 for August 23, 2016 It seems absurd that it’s necessary to have a conversation about press releases in 2016, but we do live in an environment of […]

Taking a chance on tech

Above: Vasha Mano, Idris and Meera Raja (centre, in yellow) confer on the floor of the first Tech Expo on Sunday. All photography by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1054 for August 16, 2016 Idris and Meera Raja were sweating and walking briskly back and forth on a quiet Sunday morning as tables are being covered with crisp cloth, […]